Sand stone of Balegem Archaeological museum Velzeke Site Ename Zwalm region Cycling, hiking, horse riding


The sand stone winning of Balegem [ top ]

In front of our house, there is the Diepestraat, a small street near the mill that leads to the small community ‘Berg’ and the sand and stone quarry of Balegem.
The yellow sand stone of Balegem is famous for it has been used in a lot of churches and important constructions, from the 15th and 16th century onwards. You can visit the quarry, it is a nice walk from the house, but you might want to go there on horseback: there are nice paths and tracks.


The archaeological museum of Velzeke [ top ]

Those who are interested in archaeology and history have found here a very interesting region, with several museums. In the provincial archaeological museum, there is a permanent exposition about daily life of our ancestors. You learn that during the Roman period Velzeke was a flourishing conglomerate lying at a crossroad of two important Roman roads. You can participate at several archaeological walks. From Balegem it is a nice bicycle ride to the museum. Afterwards you can go dining or shopping in Zottegem.

Address: Paddestraat 7 9620 Zottegem, Velzeke
telephone +32 9 360 67 16
pamzov [at]


The archaeological site of Ename [ top ]

Ename is also easy to reach and it is certainly worth while. Also for children the 8 acres site is very impressive. While you are visiting the site, the digging continues. The site contains foundations of an abbey of the Benedictines, that dominated the region of Ename from 1063 until 1795.

If you are in Ename, you can visit the Ename woods. Ename is close to Oudenaarde, with its beautiful market and cityhall with a collection of Flemish tapestry.


The "Zwalm" region [ top ]

Balegem is situated in the region of the Zwalm, at the foot of the Flemish Ardennes. You can go cycling and hiking (information is available) in this beautiful green region with little villages, old farms, mills, and a gently sloping landscape. The region is also famous for its numerous charming brasseries and cafés. There is a list with interesting addresses, both places to visit for a dinner by candlelight as child friendly places with a nice garden or playground.


Cycling, hiking, horse riding [ top ]

In this region walking and hiking is obvious: you can be out for hours. Also horse lovers will appreciate the possibilities to be out for hours on quiet streets and tracks in the fields. We are happy to give you more information, with maps and ideas.


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